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Introduction- Message from Management



Taylor Management Company, is honored to be the management agents for the THE WYNNEWOOD NEIGHBORHOOD CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION and look forward to serving yourcommunity. You have purchased one of the highest quality homes available in a community association setting. We would like to extend our most sincere congratulations and best wishes for many years of enjoyment.


As a new home owner in The Wynnewood Condominium Neighborhood you automatically become a member of The Wynnewood Neighborhood Condominium Association. The information contained in this booklet will familiarize you with the functions and responsibilities of your association and the part that you will play, to assure that the association is operating effectively to protect your investment and the preservation of the common areas.


The association for your community can be described as a miniature government and the By-Laws are the administrative documents by which the association is governed. Through your voting power, participation on committees, attendance at Board Meetings, and offering of suggestions or different points of view, you as a unit owner will become involved in the running of your neighborhood.


You have purchased a home in a community that will provide you with many care free years of enjoyment and it is our intent to ensure that this goal is continually achieved.


Very truly yours,


Paul A. Santoriello, CMCA, PCAM


Taylor Management Company








 What is the Condominium Associationís Function? 
 Regulations Of The Association 
 Governing Document Purpose and Definitions 
 Architectural Controls 
 Doing Your Part 
 Management Resposibilities 
 Request For Service 
 Important Telephone Numbers 
 Propane Gas Grills 
 Rule Enforcement Info 
 General Rules 
 Restrictions- Master Deed 
 Parking Regulations 
 Unit Occupancy Regulations 
 Garbage, Rubbish, Debris 
 Regulations For Pet Owners 
 Storm Doors 
 Unit Modifications 
 Collections Of Delinquent Fees/Assessments 
 Hills Village North Master Association and Its Role 

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