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Restrictions- Master Deed

The following rules have been taken from the Master Deed and consolidated here for your convenience. Please refer to your Master Deed for further clarification and details as they may apply to your specific situation.


1. No business, trade or profession shall be conducted in any Unit.


2. No addition, change, modification or alteration of any kind may be made to any unit without the written approval of the Board of Directors, other than minor repairs, improvements or decorating. Written approval by the Board of Directors is required before applying to the Town for a building permit.


3. No exterior radio, short-wave radio, television or electronic antenna or satellite dishes shall be erected without prior written approval of the Board of Trustees.


4. The use of all vehicles, including but not limited to helicopters, gliders, trucks, automobiles, graders, boats, tractors, pickups, mobile homes, trailers, buses,campers, recreational vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, motor scooters, wagons, sleighs and snowmobiles, shall be subject to the Rules, which may prohibit or limit the use thereof within specified parts of The Wynnewood Neighborhood     and which may also provide parking regulations and adopt other rules regulating the same, including but not limited to the establishment of no-parking areas and a policy for the ticketing and towing of illegally parked vehicles.   No vehicles shall be permitted to stand or be parked on any street or roadway within Wynnewood, except in designated parking areas. All vehicles belonging to owners/tenants must be registered. (Obtain parking permits from Taylor Management Company)


5. No owner or occupant will plant, build, or place anything in or over any common or limited common element without prior written consent of the Association’s Board of Directors.


6. No sign or banner of any kind shall be displayed to the public view, including in or from a window, without the approval of the Board.


7. Nothing may be done or kept in the unit, which will increase rates of insurance on any building.


8. No work may be done which will impair the structural integrity of any building.


9. No noxious, unsightly or offensive activities including vehicle repairs, clothes lines, or exterior storage shall be conducted on the Condominium Property or on any street, parking area, or Common Elements.


10. No burning or chopping on or in the common elements.


11. There shall be no obstruction of the common elements nor shall anything be stored in or upon the common elements without prior consent of the board.


12. No portion of the common elements or other portion of the condominium shall be used or maintained for the dumping of rubbish or debris except in designated dumpster disposal areas.


13. No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of any unit.


14. The common elements shall be used only for providing of the services and facilities for which they are reasonably intended.


15. All units must be heated to the extent necessary to prevent damage from frozen temperatures during the months of October through April, inclusive, regardless of whether or not occupied.

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