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Propane Gas Grills

The Township of Bedminster enforces the Uniform Fire Code with relationship to Propane Gas Grills. This enforcement is mandated by The State of New Jersey. What this means to you as a

unit owner is that you are required to remove any grill with a propane tank or as a new owner to not purchase one to begin with. 


While your Board of Trustees does sympathize with concern over this matter, it is an issue that is out of their control and must be enacted. According to the Fire Official of Bedminster, this Fire

Code will be strictly enforced at the Wynnewood Neighborhood along with other associations within Bedminster. Fines between the amounts of $500.00 and $5,000.00 will be given to

each Unit Owner in violation of this New Jersey State Law,   as well as to the respective Associations if liquid propane tanks are stored in any area of the neighborhood. The

enforcement of this code is necessary due to liquid propane tanks being explosive with potential loss of life.

Each Unit Owner must communicate this information to your tenants/occupants. It is important that you inform them of this code as the fines will be incurred to the unit owner.


If you have any questions regarding this matter, contact Taylor Management Company.

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